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Jay and Silent Bob

Earthworm Jim


Jay and Silent Bob

Once, before the big bang, there were two small time drug dealers named Jay and Silent Bob. They were basically losers, and spent most of their time hanging out at the mall, or going to parties. Life was good, until the Last War began. Then the draft came up, and their numbers got called, so rather than go to war, they packed up their stuff and headed west, hoping to hide out in the desert. The bombs fell as they were on the outskirts of Flagstaff. Shocked at the destruction, they aimlessly wandered the wastes for a few months, and eventually Silent Bob got sick and fell into a coma. For 72 hours, Jay struggled to keep Bob alive, and just when it seemed hopeless, Bob regained conciousness. Unfortunately, Silent Bob's brain got cooked by the fever. He woke up thinking he was a Jedi knight, destined to fight evil. Jay initially thought the idea was total horsesh*t, but when Bob started actually using the Force, he decided that he might as well be a hero too; better than being a pusher..

Jay has lived life to the fullest since the big bang. He's much happier doing what he does, especially since it helps him look good.
Not the most refined person, Jay still acts like he did before armageddon; crass, wild, and out of control. He's a real party animal, and is usually the first man into a fight. His favorite attack is to lace up his rollerblades and blast past an opponent, slicing them open with his sharpened hockey stick.

C:3d6, Search 3, Kn:2d6, Academia:occult 2, Spanish 2, Science: chemistry, medicine 3 M:2d8, Performin':Breakdancin' 4, Tale tellin' 2, Sm:3d8, Bluff 4, Ridicule 5, Streetwise 4, Sp:4d6, Guts 3, D:2d10, Filchin' 4, Lockpickin' 3, Shootin' pistol,SMG 4, Throwin':Balanced 2, N:2d12, Climbin' 2, Dodge 4, Drivin': Rollerblades 4, Drivin':Cycle 3, Fightin':Brawlin' 3, Fightin':Club 5, Sneak 3, Str:3d6, Q:3d12, V:2d6

Edges n' Hindrances
Hankerin':Severe (marijuana) -3,Big Britches -3, Randy -3, Loyal -3
Brave 2, Fleet Footed 2, Nerves o' Steel 1, Tough as Nails 3, Two fisted 3

Police Pistol w/50 rounds, 5 silver bullets, hockey stick, hockey pads (-4 to guts,50% arms,legs), motorcycle helmet, motorcycle, rollerblades (2xPace) , 5 lbs of pot, lots of seeds

Silent Bob
Bob used to be a lot like Jay, but since he became attuned to the Force, he's become a lot more introspective. He's always trying to become the ideal Jedi; calm, focused and at peace with himself. He's disturbed about what happens to himself when he slips into the "dark side," and so he is very careful about using his powers only when necessary, to reduce the chance of slipping.

C:3d8, Scrutinize 3, Search 4, Kn:3d6, Academia: occult 4, M:2d6, Sm:2d8, Streetwise 3, Sp:2d12, Guts 4, "The Force" 6(8*), D:2d8, Shootin: shotgun 3, Throwin':balanced 4, N:3d10, Dodge 4, Drivin':Cycle 4, Fightin':Sword 5, Sneak 3, Str:2d8, Q:4d8, V:3d6

Edges n' Hindrances
Big 'Un(husky) -1, Mute -3, Hankerin:Mild (marijuana) -1, Loco(thinks he's a jedi knight) -5
Arcane Background:Syker 3*, Fortitude 1, Steel-Trap Mind 5, Steel Will 3, Brave 2, Belongin's 3 (lightsaber), Nerves o' Steel 1

Powers: Aztec Suprise*,Body Control, Boneripper*, Brain Bomb*,Chameleon, Fleshknit, Hallucination, Heartstopper*, Mind Reader, Mind Scan, Psychic Link, Tattletale, Telekinetic Storm, Telekinesis

Since Bob thinks he's a jedi, he doesn't follow the standard conventions of Sykers. He's has all of his hair, and uses "The Force" instead of Blastin for his rolls.
If he goes bust on a "The Force" roll during combat, he turns to the "dark side" for 1d6 rounds. He uses the powers with * next to them mercilessly on the nearest enemy, turning to another foe as soon as one is down. If he goes bust during a noncombat situation, roll brainburn as normal.

Pump shotgun w/30 rounds, machete, armored duster, kevlar vest, motorcycle, geiger counter, 2 lbs of pot, lightsaber**(available in the Junker section.)
**Bob's lightsaber has parts in it scrapped from a TSAR. While Bob (or any other syker) is holding it, he can spend a point of strain to activate it for 1 minute. In a non-syker's hands, it is useless; it has no spirit battery.

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Earthworm Jim
The being known as Earthworm Jim was once the Templar Jim Galbraith. Galbraith was a powerful Templar, one of Simon Mercer's lieutenants, and rarely did he meet a challenge he couldn't handle. Unfortunately, he was severely overconfident (even for a templar) and was foolish enough to assault a wormling nest singlehandedly. He was captured and caccooned, destined to become a new wormling warrior.
Now a normal man would have quickly been transformed, but Jim wasn't a normal man, he was a templar. He fought the transformation with all of his strength, and eventually broke out of the nest and escaped. But he had been changed. He had become a monster, half human, half wormling. He tried to return to Boise, but once there he was hunted down by his former allies, and barely escaped with his life.
Despite this rather unhappy homecoming, Jim didn't get upset. He'd have done the same thing. No, Jim pushed it all aside, and continued in his templar duties as best as he could. Doing any less would have made him just another problem the world didn't need. Today, he makes a point of helping those who are overrun with wormlings and rattlers. The abilities he gained from the partial transformation makes him an ideal worm hunter, although he makes a point to gather up a posse to help him. His good deeds have spread his legend, and in towns where wormling assaults are common, he's welcomed with open arms.

C:3d8, Search 4, Trackin' 5 Kn:4d6, Academia: occult 3, Academia: wormlings 5, Medicine 2 M:2d8, Overawe 4, Sm:2d8, Survival: any 3, Sp:3d10, Guts 6, Faith 4 D:3d6, Shootin: pistol 2, Throwin': unbalanced 3, Spittin' 4, N:4d10, Dodge 5, Fightin':brawlin' 5, Fightin':sword 6, Sneak 4, Str:4d12+2, Q:3d8, V:4d8

Edges n' Hindrances
Heroic -5, Oath -5, Ugly as Sin -3
Arcane Background: Templar 3, Brave 2, Nerves o' steel 1, Renown 3 Tough as Nails 5

Pace: 10
Size: 8
Terror: 5
(only the first time someone meets him)

Special Abilities
A weaker form of wormling acid, Jim can spray this from his mouth in a pinch. It has a range of 2, speed of 1, and does 3d6 damage.
Burrowing:Pace 12 (cannot be doubled by running)
Damage: Claws (STR+1d8)
Templar Powers: Armor of the Saints 5(greater reward), Celerity 5(greater reward), Command 4, Lay on Hands 5(greater reward)*,Leap of Faith 4

* Earthworm Jim can use Lay on Hands to cure those who have been partially transformed into a wormling. As long the victim's brain hasn't been affected, Jim can make an impossible (11) to reverse the effects.

Sword, tabbard, rope, 5 milrats

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