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Strange men with even stranger powers, junkers scavenge the scraps of civilization to create their fantastic gizmos. Here are a few of the arcane devices that make the junkmen some of the most feared folks in all of the Wasted West...

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Hercules Suit


Night Vision Goggles


Multitool #1

Lightning Fist




When you've got to take them all alive, the roomsweeper is the answer. A large, bulky contraption, the roomsweeper is similar to a proton pack in appearance, with the exception that the firing wand looks like a large (and rather menacing) flashlight.
When activated, the roomsweeper fires a blast of energy that stuns and weakens anyone unlucky enough to stand in it's way, strong enough on it's highest setting to knock down a room full of hardened wasters. In addition, the roomsweeper can be set to spirit attack mode, allowing it to affect both spirits and those in heavy armor.

 Gizmo  Speed  ROF  Range  Damage  Drain
 Roomsweeper  1  3  10  6d6 wind (BR 10)  2/Shot (20/spirit shot)

Gizmo: Roomsweeper
Frame Size: 3 (31 slots, S:7)

Power: Flash Gordon [stream weapon, 10 yd radius, 6d6 stun damage, ROF 3 w/ selection switch, range 10 (14.2 slots, E:3, M:2, drain:2/shot)]

Power: Spirit Weapon [spirit convertor w/selector switch (6.4 slots, E:5, M:5, drain:20/shot)]

Extras: powerjack, 59 pt spirit battery compartment, .025 slots free

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Hercules Suit

The Hercules Suit is a powered exoskeleton designed to give even the weakest waster the strength of a god! While powered, anyone wearing the suit has their strength boosted to 3d12+8. In addition, the right arm has extra strong motivators, giving the wearer a truly wicked jab!
The suit is an open frame, so generally doesn't provide any armor. It is not designed to be worn with armor, though form-fitting armors can usually be worn underneath it in place of regular clothes. In addition, it's designed to be worn snugly over the user's clothes, and can't be concealed by anything less than a full duster.

 Gizmo  Speed  DB  Damage  Drain
 Power Fist  1  +1  STR(3d12+8)+2d8  3/rd

Gizmo: Hercules Suit
Frame Size: 6 (128 slots, S:17)

Power: Super Strength [STR boosted to 3d12+8, minor side effect: cannot be worn over armor (43.78 slots, E:5, M:10, S:5, drain:5/hr)]

Power: Weaponsmith [Size 1, increased damage, increased speed x2, extra damage (7 slots, E:1, M:1, S:2, drain:3/rd)]

Extras: powerjack, 120 pt powerpack, 57.6 slots dead space (the suit covers every part of the wearer's body except the head), 7.6 slots free

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Straight out of Star Wars, and into your hands, here comes the one and only lightsaber!!! Seriously, though, since the big bang, this weapon has become very popular amongst Junkers (seems a lot of them were film buffs..) They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and act just like a lightsaber from the movies. Where possible, they are usually equipped with a spirit convertor.

 Gizmo  Speed  DB  Damage  Drain
 Small Lightsaber  1  +2  STR+3d6  4/rd

 Gizmo  Speed  DB  Damage  Drain
 Large Lightsaber  0  +3  STR+3d8  5/rd (50/rd)

Gizmo: Small Lightsaber
Frame Size: 2(16 slots, S:5)

Power: Weaponsmith [energy weapon w/3d6 damage, (9 slots, C:0, E:1, M:1, S:1, drain: 4/rd)]

Extras: Flow-optimized (Weaponsmith drain reduced by 2), powerjack, 40 pt spirit battery compartment, 0 slots free


Gizmo: Large Lightsaber
Frame Size: 3(31 slots, S:7)

Power: Weaponsmith [energy weapon w/3d8 damage, speed increase (12 slots, C:0, E:2, M:2, S:2, drain: 7/rd)]

Power: Spirit Weapon [spirit convertor w/selector switch (4 slots, E:4, M:4, drain: 70/rd)]

Extras: powerjack, 63 pt spirit battery compartment, .05 slots free

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Low Light Goggles- A Parts is Parts submission!

Darkness can be dangerous. Darkness is the friend of the ambusher, the assassin, and the things that go bump in the night. Thankfully, a junker with a pair of night vision goggles doesn't have to worry about darkness. He can see in pitch blackness as easily as broad daylight.
The low light goggles are roughly the same size as a pair of ski goggles, with a small penlight attached to either side. When activated, the wearer can see in any lighting short of pitch blackness. The small lights attached to the goggles provide a small amount of light when no natural light is available. The lights are so dim that they can only be seen by those with low light abilities. In addition, the whole apparatus has a AV 1(a 1 in 3 chance of hitting the goggles on a head shot), and provides flare compension against overly bright lights.

Gizmo: Low Light Goggles
Frame Size: 1 (7 slots, S:3)

Power: Sensor [passive, low light (1.5 slots, E:1, M:1, Drain: 1/hr)]

Power: Light [mini flashlight, minor flaw:light only visible through amplification (1.9 slots, E:1, M:1, Drain: 1/hr)]

Power: Armor [AV2* (1.4 slots, C:1, S:1)]
* The goggles only have one level of armor. The other level represents the flare compensation.

Extras: 22 pt powerpack, Flow-optimized (overall drain reduced to 1/hr)

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Multi-purpose Adjustable Laser Rifle (MALR, or Mauler)- A Parts is Parts submission!

The mauler is powerful and flexible laser rifle that can deliver an optimal attack against nearly any target. A large weapon, it is comparable in length to most sniper rifles, though it is a bit bulkier. Its front grip has a series of sliders that allow the shooter to adjust the damage, rate of fire, and armor piercing capabilities of the weapon without ever removing her eye from the sight. In addition, the mauler has an advanced targeting scope that makes shooting the most distant target child's play.

 Gizmo  Speed  ROF  Range  Damage  Cost
Mauler  1  3  20 (40 w/scope) 5d6 stun / 5d8 / 5d10 (AP 0/2/4)  Special

 Drain  AP 0 AP 2 AP 4
Stun 2/shot -- --
5d8 4/shot 7/shot 10/shot
5d10 6/shot 10/shot 14/shot

Gizmo: Mauler
Frame Size: 4 (54 slots, S:10)

Power: Flash Gordon [beam weapon, 5d10 base damage, variable armor piercing w/selector switch* (AP 0, AP 2 and AP 4), variable damage w/selector switch* (stun, 5d8 and 5d10), ROF 3 w/selector switch (39 slots, E:7, M:4, drain: special-see above)]
*These modifications are not explicitly mentioned in The Junkman Cometh.

Power: Targeting [4 slots of range compensation (4 slots, E:3, M:2, drain 2/hour)]

Power: Sensor [basic sight, low light vision (3 slots, E:1, M:1, basic drain:1/hour, low light drain:2/hour)]

Power: Commo [video signal, direct link, tiny monitor (2.5 slots, E:1, M:1, drain 2/hour)]

Extras: Flow-optimized (Flash Gordon drain reduced by 2), 35 pt powerpack, powerjack

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Multi-tool #1- A Parts is Parts submission!

Created for the junker with a thing for telephone-alarm clocks and television-toasters, multi-tools mix several useful devices into a single handy device. This particular multi-tool combines a walkie-talkie, geiger counter, motion detector and flashlight into a single device about the size of large lunchbox.

Gizmo: Multi-tool
Frame Size: 3 (31 slots, S:5)

Power: Light [large flashlight (4 slots, E:1, M:1, drain: 1/hr)]

Power: Sensor [motion detection w/3d8 rating, 10 yd range, and 360° sweep; passive geiger counter w/360° sweep; passive sound detection (14.5 slots, E:3, M:2, drain 4/hr for motion detector and geiger counter, 1/hr for microphone)]

Power: Commo [sound signal, 1 channel, 1000 yd range, small speaker (E:1, M:1, drain 2/hr)]

Extras: powerjack, 55 pt powerpack

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Lightning Fist

A truly powerful weapon, the lightning fist consists of two large metal gauntlets, connected by heavy spirit cable to an imposing-looking backpack. When activated, the gauntlets crackle with waves of electricity, increasing the wearer's brawling damage. In addition, a plasma ball can be generated by clapping the two gauntlets together. This ball can then be thrown at the unlucky target with a Throwin':Balanced check. Both hands must be used to generate the plasma ball, as well as to throw it.
It is important to note that the lightning fist is less effective against metal armor. When used against a metal target, it's damage is reduced to STR+2d8. Metal has no effect on the plasma ball.

 Gizmo  Speed  DB  Damage  Drain
 Lightning Fist  1  +2  STR+3d10  3/rd

 Gizmo Speed  ROF  Range  Damage  Drain
 Plasma Ball  2  1  5  4d10 (BR 5)  9/shot

Gizmo: Lightning Fist
Frame Size: 4 (54 slots, S:10)

Power: Weaponsmith [frame 3, increased damage, extra damage, increased speed x2, minor flaw: bonus damage against metal armor (22.4 slots, E:3, M:3, S:6, drain: 3/rd)]

Power: Flash Gordon [bolt weapon, 4d10 damage BR 5, speed 2, range 5, minor flaw: requires both hands free to use (17.1 slots, E:4, M:2, drain: 9/shot)]

Extras: powerjack, 100 pt spirit battery compartment

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An odd device, a floater is single person hot air balloon. It is made of two parts. The first is the engine/harness, roughly the size of a laundry basket. It is a fairly compact unit, and only has enough storage space in it to store the deflated balloon. The pilot sits strapped to the outside of the engine. The balloon itself, inflated, is about the size of a refrigerator, and folds down to the size of a dictionary. The floater is a nimble vehicle, as far as balloons go, and has a large enough battery to fly for 18 hours.

Handling Acceleration Top Speed Lift Durability Passengers Drain
 +5  15 mph  80 mph  1"  7/2  1 4/hr

Gizmo: Floater
Frame Size:4 (54 slots, S:10) + Size 5 Bag

Power: Balloon [43 slots cargo (open 1 person seating, 72 pt spirit battery compartment and size 1 storage), 15 mph acceleration, 86 slot hot air balloon (6.45 slots, M:5, S:14, drain: 4/hr)]

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