Here are some of the best websites out there!

   These are the boys that make it all happen! Pinnacle Entertainment, creators of Deadlands, The Great Rail Wars, Deadlands:Doomtown, Deadlands:Hell On Earth, and much, much more!
   The onion is the funniest newspaper on the net! Check it out right now! Go on, do it!
   More twisted news, this time from Space Ghost and company!
   Long Vo is one the greatest independent manga style artist out there, and he has a website! See it now!
   They Might Be Giants are the coolest band ever. Behold the glory of their website...
   Hear the music of TMBG (for free!) from the comfort of your computer...Isn't technology wonderful?
   The official website of The Good Doctor, whose weekly precription of comedy cures what ails ya!


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