Relics O' the Wasted West

Objects of incredible power and danger, relics are the mysterious artifacts of the west that can make a normal man into a magical powerhouse...

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Movie Guns

Sapphire Bullets, Bullets of Pure Love


Movie Guns
Didja ever notice how amazing some of the guns in the oldmovies were? Well, that used to just be movie magic, but not any more. After the big bang, some of those guns became imbued with the magical powers they appeared to have in film. Some shoot cannon sized holes into things, some never run out of ammo, and some can shoot the proverbial apple off of a man's head...

These guns can be almost kind of gun, from a derringer, or peacemaker, to an uzi or shotgun; many different kinds of guns were used in the movies. The only noticeable feature of the guns is that they are always in immaculate condition, no matter what. Drop them in three feet of mud, and when
you pull them out, they're clean enough to eat off of.

Movie guns have a variety of powers, depending on the type of gun involved. Most have only one of the powers below, though some have two. An extremely rare movie gun will have all three powers.

Hand cannon: The gun has the power to inflict far more damage than normally possible. Raise the gun's damage by two steps.

Found in: any type of non-automatic weapon

Lead hose: The gun, once loaded, never seems to run out of ammo. As long as the gun has at least one round, it will not run out of ammo, so long as it is shot every action. Once the shooter does something besides shooting (which includes vamoosin'), then the power ends, and all the rounds shot are removed from the gun. If that number exceeds the maximum
number of bullets the gun can hold, then it's empty.

Found in: automatic weapons and pistols with multiple shots,
especially revolvers.

Nev-R-Miss: The gun is INCREDIBLY accurate. With it, a waster can peg a mutie in his glowing eye from a hundred yards away. There is no penalty for range or called shots with this gun.

Found in: most kinds of rifles and pistols

Taint: Movie guns are notorious for failing when they are needed most, to add to the drama. When a shot is of critical importance, or where missing would add to the excitement of a situation, movie
guns have a reliability of 10.

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Sapphire Bullets, Bullets of Pure Love
In ancient times, men believed that god Cupid shot people with magic arrows to make them fall in love. Well, nowadays, two things have changed: One, no one except the indians use arrows, and two, the gods have forsaken mankind to a nightmarish wasteland. But love has to bloom somehow, and sapphire bullets, bullets of pure love are the answer...

Sapphire bullets, bullets of pure love look like a bullets made out of solid sapphire (duh!). They shimmer brightly, even in the dark, and make a light humming noise. (a fair(5) cognition roll is needed to hear it from a distance)

To use a sapphire bullet, bullet of pure love, a person loads it into a gun, and points the gun into the sky. They then think of a person they love ,and wish would love them, and fire. The bullet then flies off and hits the target directly in the heart. The target, once hit, falls madly in love with the shooter, and seeks them out immediately.

Sapphire bullets, bullets of pure love don't just affect the target; the shooter feels the same emotion towards the target as the target feels towards the shooter. When the two finally meet each other, expect the sparks to really fly! Also, the effect wears off after a few days. However, by that time, most people have replaced the forced emotion with real love, though it won't necessarily be as passionate...

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