Technomancy: The Fourth Page
This time it's personal...

The Dreaded Backlash Chart
Oh, don't look so surprised! Anyway, when a technomancer busts on his Occult Programming roll, he accidently summons something other than a Server spirit. Roll a d20, and check this chart to see what's come a' callin'...

1-2: Normal Tech Spirit
The technomancer summoned a tech spirit, just not a Server spirit. He can count himself lucky. Nothing particularly bad happens, expect for looking stupid.

3-7: Nature Spirit
The techie whipped up one of the Indian's spirits instead of a Server, and it feels inclined to teach him the difference. The waster takes 3d6 wind damage, and loses access to the program he tried to run for 1d6 (reroll aces) days.

8-11: Damaged Goods
The spirit this techie summoned is one of those "cranky" tech spirits, and disturbing it probably wasn't the wisest idea. This sucker takes 3d6 damage to the guts, and must make an Incredible (11) Spirit roll, or gain one level of the Taint.

12-15: Toxic Spirit
Kinda makes you wish you'd have summoned that Damaged Goods... This toxic spirit takes a real bite out of this poor techie, and then leaves him a little present. The techie takes 3d8 damage to the head, and gains one level of Ailin' unless he makes an Incredible (11) Spirit roll.

16-19: Manitou
When a technomancer mistakes a manitou for a Server spirit, it's time to seek another line of work. This nasty critter deals 4d10 damage to the techie's head, and he permanently loses access to the program he was trying to run.

20: ...Something Else
There are somethings in the Hunting Grounds that few men have ever laid eyes on, and fewer still have lived to tell of. This technomancer has found one, and brought inside of him. What this something is, and what it does to the techie is up to the Marshal.

New Edges

Arcane Background: Technomancer 3- This is the edge that allows a character to summon Server spirits and use their power to create magical effects. Many technomancers are also junkers or hucksters. A few are both.

Extra Programs 1-5 - For each level of this edge a techie has, he can choose an additional program or trick.

Master Server 1-5 - This is the technomancer's version of a junker's browser spirit. They have separated into the normal five divisions (Appliance, Building, Computer, Gun, and Tool) and have the chip abilities of whatever division they belong to. Instead of creating G-ray energy, master servers have a strain pool that a techie can tap into, 1 point for every level of the Server. This strain recovers at the same rate as a techie (1 point per 30 minutes).

Spare Battery 1-5 - This edge gives a techie extra strain, 1 point for every level he has.


I'd like to thank the following people for inspiration and ideas:

Max Trebilcock and The Path of The Arcane: Max's website inspired me to actually put my crazy new AB down on paper (or at least webpage), and gave me the idea for warpage.

Shane Hensley: The Possemaster General and fifth Reckoner, Shane created Deadlands and HOE, and also pitied me during Gencon '99. He has my eternal gratitude for making such a great game.

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