The last knights of the Wasted West, the templars protect the righteous, while leaving the wicked to their fate...

Here are new favors to aid your templar in his quest...

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Vorpal Blade

Long Sword

Shield of Faith

Leap of Faith


Vorpal Blade:
The templar's blade is surrounded by an eerie green fire, which eminates from the hunting grounds. This fire allows a templar's blade to pass through armor as though it wasn't there, striking the templar's opponent directly.
Vorpal Blade makes the templar's sword (and only the templar's sword) armor piercing. For each level of Vorpal Blade a templar has, his sword has an AP of 1.(i.e. a templar with vorpal blade at a 3 would have a sword that has AP 3.) This armor-piercing power only applies when the templar is striking a target that has a spirit, be it a soul, manitou, etc. For example, a templar with vorpal blade could cut right into an automaton or raptor, but could not hack through a steel door. The green flame is magical in nature, and appears whenever the templar draws his sword. Touching it does no harm.

Greater Reward: The templar can summon his sword to his side, no matter where it is. The templar makes a hard (7) Spirit test, and if he is successful, his sword appears in front of him in a cloud of green flame. Summoning the sword takes one action.

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Long Sword:
This power allows a templar to throw his blade one-handed as though it were a nothing more than a small knife. The sword is magically lightened and balanced, making the thrown weapon very accurate.
A templar uses Fightin':Sword to throw the blade. At level one, the sword has a range increment of 5. For each level above one, the increment is increased by 5.

Greater Reward: When thrown, the templar's sword returns like a boomerang.

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Shield of Faith:
This power allows a templar to deflect projectiles with his sword by spinning it in front of him. Knives, bullets, even magical attacks can be batted away harmlessly.
To use this power, the templar must vamoose, and have his sword drawn. When someone hits the templar, but before damage is rolled, the templar vamooses, and makes a Deftness test. The TN of the test depends of the type of projectile coming at the templar; Fair(5) for anything moving slower than the speed of sound (thrown items, falling objects,etc.), Onerous(7) for supersonic projectiles (bullets, laser beams,etc.), and Hard(9) for anything magical in nature. Add +1 to the roll for each level of Shield of Faith the templar has. If he succeeds, the projectile is flung away from the templar in a random direction. Check to see if innocent bystanders are hit at the Marshall's discretion.
A templar cannot deflect a projectile heavier than his sword, or any magical powers that aren't projectiles. A boulder falling from a cliff or a Doomsayer's EMP, for example, couldn't be deflected. Also, if the projectile the templar hits is explosive (i.e. has a blast radius) there is a possibility that it will explode upon hitting the sword. Roll a d6. On a 1, the projectle explodes, with the unlucky templar at ground zero.

Greater Reward: If the templar uses a card up his sleeve to vamoose, the templar can influence the direction the projectile bounces off his blade. The templar can target either the source of the projectile or a different target, if he chooses. The templar makes a test to see if it hits the intended target, using his Fightin': Sword skill like a shootin skill. Apply any applicable modifiers. If successful, the projectile is deflected to the new target. However, the templar's deflection slows normal projectiles slightly. Reduce normal projectiles' damage by a die. Magical powers that are deflected do full damage.

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Leap of Faith:
A templar with this power has the ability to jump distances far beyond what he normally could. The templar makes a Faith test against a TN of 3,+2 for every five yards the templar wants to jump, minus one half of his rating in LOF. The maximum distance he can jump is equal to 5x his rating in LOF.

Just to clarify, here's how to figure how far your templar can hop.

3+2/5 yds-(LOF rating/2)

Greater Reward: If the templar has a card up his sleeve, he can use it to make a Leap of Faith in midair.


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