Witch's Brew

 How to Serve Your Man is a cookbook with a secret; it's really a tome of arcane knowledge. Those who study it are known as witches, and their powers can heal a waster's wounds, make animals talk, and even stranger things! Below are secret rituals of power encoded into the book...

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Mystic Ward

Witch's Broom

Spirit Flight

Mystic Ward
This power creates a magic barrier through which nothing can pass. To make it, the witch needs to make a pentagram on the ground. This pentagram can be any size up to the witch's Witchcraft level, and can be drawn or created from anything, from a stick in the dirt, to thousands of precious jewels imbedded in the ground. A candle, bowl of flaming oil, or some other burning object at each point of the star.
Once the pentagram is created, the witch can invoke it's power at any time by making a Witchcraft roll. If the roll is successful, anything inside the pentagram is trapped inside, and vice versa. While the ward is active, nothing with a bond to the Hunting Grounds, like living creatures, zombies (the manitou inside it), magical spells, etc, can touch it or pass through it. Inanimate objects move through it without difficulty. The ward remains in affect until the pentagram is broken, all of the burning objects go out, or the witch chooses to end it. If the pentagram is scratched in the dirt, or drawn in chalk, simply rubbing away a part of it will end the spell. Set pentagrams require a piece
of it to be removed.

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Witch's Broom
Components: Broom, feathers of some kind
With this spell, a witch can take to the air with the greatest of ease. To activate the spell, the witch has to burn a fistful of feathers (any kind of feathers will do) over the broom she wishes to enchant. Once done, a successful Witchcraft roll sets the broom to flight. To use
the broom, the witch needs the Ridin':Broom skill. Here are the broom's statistics. The #s in parentheses are if feathers from a supernatural bird are used in the ritual.






 Top Speed





 50(100) mph

The spell lasts 3d6 hours, +1d6 for each raise on the Witchcraft roll. Once the spell ends, the broom can be used for another casting.

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Spirit Flight
Components: Aromatic flowers or leaves, candles
Using this spell, a witch can separate her spirit from her body. To do this, the witch needs to ignite the flower petals or leaves in a bowl, and light the candles around her. She thens closes her eyes, relaxes, and makes the witchcraft roll. This power cannot be used if the witch can't find a place to cast it w/o distractions.

If the roll is successful, the witch's spirit leaves her body, and appears beside the now empty shell. The spirit body which is formed is in every way identical to the witch's normal body, except it is intangible. The witch isn't affected by, and cannot affect, anything
in the real world. The exception to this is magic, which the witch can still use and still affect her. While in spirit form, the witch loses 1 wind/hour, as her body slowly dies. This wind loss is regained at the rate of one pt a day. Also, her body is totally defenseless while the spell is in effect. Any damage done to the witch's body forces the witch's spirit back into her body, automatically stunning

A witch in spirit form can use her life energy to fire bolts of energy. Treat this power just like Bolts O' Doom level 1. These blasts appear as discharges from whatever weapon the witch usually uses. These bolts are risky, however. Each bolts cost 1d6 wind, which also recovers at
1 wind/day.

The spell remains in effect until the witch ends it, or she is forced back.

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