Strange men with even stranger powers, junkers scavenge the scraps of civilization to create their fantastic gizmos. Here are a few of the arcane devices that make the junkmen some of the most feared folks in all of the Wasted West...

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"The Roomsweeper"

Hercules Suit



"The Roomsweeper"
When you've got to take them all alive, the roomsweeper is the answer. A large, bulky contraption, the roomsweeper is similar to a proton pack in appearance, with the exception that the firing wand looks like a large (and rather menacing) flashlight.
When activated, the roomsweeper fires a blast of energy that stuns and weakens anyone unlucky enough to stand in it's way, strong enough on it's highest setting to knock down a room full of hardened wasters. In addition, the roomsweeper can be set to spirit attack mode, allowing it to affect both spirits and those in heavy armor.

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This weapon is a wrist mounted taser, with a powerful shock that few creatures can stand up to. Activated by a pressure pad that lies on the palm, two razor-sharp, armor-piercing darts shoot out,attached to insulated gold wires. If the darts connect, a blast of electrical and magical energy courses through the wires, overloading
the target's nervous system, knocking almost anything completely unconscious.
Shooting the Neuro-Disruptor takes one action, but once fired, it takes one action to reel the darts in and recharge the capacitors. This happens automatically, and takes no effort on the user's part. The weapon readies itself on the user's next action.
 Gizmo  Speed  ROF  Range  Damage  Cost
 Shocker  1(2)  1  max 15  3d12 wind AP5  2 GR/Shot
Unfortunately, the Neuro-disruptor is easy to dodge. All dodge rolls against the disruptor get a +2 bonus.

 The Spread  

 Damage (3d12)-90
AP 5-+50%
Spiritual Damage-+50%
Wind Damage Only--25%
Max Range(15)-+10%

Total: 153 pts.




(I switched the structural and electronic components due to the compact nature of the gizmo.)

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Straight out of Star Wars, and into your hands, here comes the one and only lightsaber!!! Seriously, though, since the big bang, this weapon has become very popular amongst Junkers (seems a lot of them were film buffs..) It looks and acts just like a lightsaber from the movies, with the exception that this weapon is armor piercing, and it can affect creatures that are normally invulnerable to normal weapons.

        Gizmo    Def. Bonus      Speed       Damage          Cost

      Lightsaber     +1            1        3d10 ap 3     3GR/round

   The Spread
   Damage(3d10) 75 pts          Structural: 3
   Spiritual Damage +50%        Mechanical: 7
   Energy Damage +25%           Electrical: 7
   AP 3 +30%                    Total:169 pts 
   Speed 1 +20%                 


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