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Update Alert! Last updated 6/27/2002!!!

Two updates in a month?! Astounding! This time I've updated the junker section. All the old gizmos have now been reconstructed under the expanded rules, and several new gizmos have also been added. Enjoy!

Custom Character Sheets

Revised Generic Character Sheet (PDF format, 2.01 megs)

Agency Character Sheet (PDF format, 2.08 megs)

Huckster Character Sheet (PDF format, 2.03 megs)

Mad Scientist Character Sheet (PDF format, 2.05 megs)

Shaman Character Sheet (PDF format, 2.06 megs)

Blessed Character Sheet (PDF format, 1 meg)

Gunslinger Character Sheet (PDF format, 2 megs)


 This is an orignal background drawn by Loston Wallace, colored by myself. I call it "Evil Andy." To download the wallpaper, simply click on the size that you want, then right click the image that appears. Select "set as wallpaper," and your ready to go!

Evil Andy

Evil Andy


 Indian Brave  This website is dedicated to Pinnacle Entertainment's award winning roleplaying games, Deadlands: The Weird West and Deadlands: Hell on Earth.

Here, you'll find all kinds of stuff to make your piece of the West, be it Weird, Wasted or otherwise, a little more interesting.

Choose yer Poison...


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